Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tired and hungry

Yesterday was a rough day! I've been working hard on my diet for three weeks now, and have lost four kilograms, but I have to admit I'm doing it hard!
Usually I feel pretty in control, but after yesterday's 6k run in the morning I was starving all day. I'd eat a little food for my lunch or snacks and it would just barely hold me until it was time to eat again. My tummy hurt and I felt nauseous and out of control. I can feel that even though the scales haven't budged in a week I'm losing mass, because I definitely look and feel smaller. I would have probably sold my soul if Satan had the good sense to pop up with a chicken dinner.
I even had trouble sleeping because I was so hungry. I was also feeling pretty exhausted and generally wrung out after my early start and a super busy day at work.
The Weight Watchers system I use gives you activity points for exercise, based on weight, time spent exercising, and intensity of exercise. I count these points but I don't eat them, as I never have and thought it would slow down my weight loss. But it's taking me quite a long time to lose each kilogram, so I am wondering if I am actually undereating? I've never earnt so many exercise points before, I used to earn one or two a day but I routinely earn three or four at least on days I run. They end up banked until the end of the week when they disappear, and some weeks I have banked 35 or 40. I also don't eat all my points everyday, which could be impacting on my loss. I'm planning to experiment with eating my activity points, initially I'm going to eat them all and see how it impacts on loss, and then if that doesn't work I'll maybe just eat half of them or something. I'm also planning to treat myself to a larger lunch than usual, because I feel so unwell from being continually hungry, although I have to run a couple of errands at lunch so I'll have to make time for that.
This morning I am still hungry and exhausted, but trying to be upbeat and focused about it. I bet Rocky felt tired and got sick of crappy food when he was training to beat Drago (i know he's ficitional, I just don't care). I bet every Olympic athlete had a day where they looked at their bowl of oatmeal/eggs/veggies for the millionth time that month and though, "Crapppp". I bet they were exhausted, I bet they got bored, I bet they wondered why the heck they were doing what they were doing. I bet Dean Karnazes was well sick of marathons. I bet Batman thought, "Piss off Gotham City, solve your own shit" and rolled over for another hour of sleep.
And all I'm trying to do is run one little old half marathon, geez!

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