Monday, March 28, 2011

Rocket (wo)man

A cool 7 and a bit this morning, with Oscardog and Elton John for company. My head was tired of podcasts and thumping energetic tunes, so I downloaded a bit of Elton and took him for a run. It was surprisingly great to run to, whether it was a fast track or a ballad....nice.
I did a few faster intervals this morning, at one point Runmeter blurted out that I was doing a 5:20k! Never ever done that! I'm sure it wasn't sustainable, but it feels good to be playing with speed. I try to be careful with going fast, as it's associated with injury, and also because it just makes me feel damn tired, and a lot faster than I would otherwise. I knocked the seven k out in under and hour, which means that it's easily done in the hour or so I have to run in the morning before work.
OMG, just checked my monthly distance, and if i can run another 8.5 between now and Friday, i will have clocked 100ks this month! My previous best ever is less than fifty!! I am so, soo heading out tomorrow and Thursday.

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