Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby stepping

Dragged my lazy butt out of bed for a run today, and while it still hurt and sucked and such it was definitely better, even if I was motivated by frustration, anger and spite....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Motivational Crisis :/

I've just about kicked this evil flu's ass (finally!)...but the upshot of it is that I went a whole two weeks without running!
I made it out on Sunday for a short, gentle run, and even though I knew that it would be hard, I'm not sure I was prepared for just how difficult it would be...it was like starting all over again, and somehow worse than starting all over again would have been. I ran for nine minutes all up (short intervals, designed to loosen the mucous still in my lungs, ewww!). I hardly even broke a sweat, but my lungs were burning and my legs felt like lead.
I should have gone back out for round two this morning...but I chose bed. I'm pretty ashamed of myself, because I really need to get back out there! I'm blaming daylight savings....I always got up at 5am, stupidly early, but I'd adapted...but since the change on Sunday I am now getting up at what is *really* 4am, and I'm not coping very well with it yet. Sadly, I have also realised that (deeply ashamed for telling you this, but it's true) cigarettes really helped me to get out of bed in the morning, not because they're so fabulous but perhaps because feeding the little monster was enough to tip me over into being able to climb out.
Motivation has kind of deserted me...even upcoming races and such aren't holding anything for me. My plan at this point is just to make myself get out there and go the hard yards until things get easier....I just need to work out how to follow that plan through to those 5am starts......