Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clayton's marathon training

Clayton's-the drink you have when you're not having a drink-is sort of the perfect analogy for where I'm at with my running at present. I'm studying, preparing, and learning about how to build a base for a race that I am not yet running!
So what is base building, anyway? To my understanding, it's building a strong body and strong legs with a good amount of miles in them that are ready to undertake the challenges of a heavier training program.
I have more reading to do, but I think I've figured out some basic goals to work on while I work towards choosing the right race, with the right plan.
At present, my weeks are topping out at around 25k. I plan to increase this to 30k (slowly, always slowly) by adding extra distance to each run. So for example, last week I ran 7ks on Tuesday, 5.6ks on Thursday, 3ks on Friday, and 10ks on Sunday, for a total of 25 and some change. If I were to slowly increase this to 8ks Tuesday, 6.5ks Thursday, 4-5ks on Friday, and 10-12 ks on Sunday, then I can move gently through from a range of 28.5ks per week up to 31.5, and possibly even expand on that some more.
I've moved into a quite structured basic training model of weekly hillwork, a gentle speed workout, a long run, and an easy run. Sometimes the easy run is short, sometimes it's longer, I tend to swap the speed work and easy from week to week as my schedule allows.
So, for the time being, there's the plan! I figure I'll work at this level for a month or two before instituting another gradual increase. Time to raise a glass of Clayton's and drink to a stronger, faster, fitter me :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Turtle news

Soo, rest day today, but lots of things have been happening here in turtleland.
Last week I put in my first week of good training since the half marathon, even though I was unwell in the middle of the week. The upshot of this, aside from feeling good, strong and fit, is that all of a sudden, I am getting faster! I am currently running 7:30-8:00ks rather than 8:30ks which are more the norm for me, so I'm pretty stoked! I think it's actually the racing that is making me faster, or that perhaps cracking times I thought impossible has given me the mental strength to push harder. Either way, it's something that I'm very much capitalising on and worker harder on.
I've signed up for my next race, and boy is it a goodie! I had no plans to do any mroe racing this year, instead wanting to work on speed and base building, but when I heard about this race I had to sign up.
Melbourne is getting it's very own version of Sydney's C2S! It's to be run on November 13th, and it's a 14k race from the CBD to St Kilda. I feel that it really synchronises with the kind of training I am doing just now, and is a good, fun goal.
Mmm, what else....Saunconys are going well so far, though I did get one pair rather muddy playing trail runner on Sunday :P
Also bought myself a lovely new pair of capris (fancy Nike ones, ooh la la) in a size Medium, eekkk! I would have test driven them this morning, had I managed to get out of bed, but hopefully tomorrow will be the day. I'm going to try and go to bed early so I can get a good night's sleep and knock out a 7k tempo run :)