Monday, March 14, 2011

I'ma rip this shit til my bones collapse

I'm a little behind! But I have much good news to tell after a massive week of running, wahooo! I had a week full of firsts. My first week of topping 20ks for the week, my first long run in a skirt, my first bodyglide experience, but most exciting of all, my first double digit run!
That's right, you heard it here first! I finally smashed myself my very first ten kilometre run. I was a bit worried beforehand but it went really well, and I am really pleased with how well I recovered, too.
It was actually 10.6 kilometres in the end, I'm pretty happy with the route I chose, I went over the train tracks for the first time as I'm rapidly running out of neighbourhood to explore. It was mostly flat but had some interesting stuff to look at, and I was basically just loving life. I'm starting to really enjoy the longer distances, I feel like I don't really warm up now until I'm 4 or 5 ks in.
Anyhoo, for recovery I drank some Endura ( I had a dose the day before, a dose that i slurped before and immediately after, and a third dose for rehydration) I spent ten minutes post-run laying on the floor with my legs inverted (this felt super, super good), I ran cool water over my legs in the shower (also super nice) and rubbed them down with ice gel. I also tried to spend some time upright and moving around post run, which I think helped a bit.
Yesterday and today I had some tightness in the hamstrings, but I really feel like I'm building some new muscle there. I went out this morning and did a slow five k with no real soreness or trouble.
Now, this is a stepdown week but I'm contemplating adding in an extra five k run during the week, as I really feel like 20ks is something I want to do every week. I have a short run of five listed for the weekend, so if I do three other fives during the week then there's my twenty, wahoo! I know that last time I experimented with extra distance during the week it didn't end well, but I feel that now with the intervals and stuff I could do it without any real trouble.

In other news, Bodyglide!!! I bought my first ever tube of this little miracle, and then used it to run ten ks in a skirt! It's a special 'skin lube' that prevents chafing, it comes in a little solid stick like deodorant, and you rub it onto the places where you chafe. I went to town with it on my inner thighs, and had no chafe at all there. Sadly, while I also put it on the inner bit of my arm where my iPhone armband goes, it would appear nothing can defeat the evil armband and I did chafe there to the point where it has actually scabbed a bit, ewwww. But, Bodyglide still rocks.
Phewww, i think I've blogged as much as I can for one day....suffice it to say that I'm going great guns, running my legs off, and so grateful to have found Galloway training to let me do it!

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