Sunday, March 6, 2011

From little runs, big runs grow!

Here we are on Monday (again, I'm sure we had Monday last week), the low point of the Universe, bah!
Yesterday was pseudo-long run day, in that it was the long run day you have when you're not having a long run. I went to the park to do some hill work with Os.
It was certainly educational! The hills I was tackling were dauntingly steep and large, and they kicked my arse quickly and efficiently. The muscles in the front of my calves are a little tight today, and they fatigued very quickly as I was tackling the hills, but I sort of love the slight soreness in my legs. It makes me feel powerful and strong, I love that I'm building muscle strength in my legs.
In light of that I've decided to include some hills at least once a week. I found a big, bad-ass mother fracker hill that I can stretch my run to cover (it makes it a 6.6k loop, but I'd been wanting to stretch my route anyways).
I wore one of my new 2XU running skirts for my little jaunt, and was very pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I felt in it. It's a little longer than my one, and the knicks under it make me feel really secure. I did get a tiny bit of very very mild 'chub rub' on the upper inner thighs, but nothing that left a visible mark or broke the skin at all. I reckon a bit of Bodyglide or such and I'd be set!
Sooo, tomorrow I'm hoping to run my new hill route (Naturally I'll let you know how it goes) and see how it goes in terms of time/pain factor/doability.

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