Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's official! I'm all registered and paid up to run the 2011 Run Melbourne Half Marathon, wahooo! I'm nervous obviously but I feel confident and good about it :)
I also bagged myself a sweet commemorative t-shirt to motivate myself, just as a visual reminder of the goal.

I ran a slow 6.65 yesterday in terrible humidity. By the end of it I was more sweat than woman! I'm working at putting in an easy-ish week this week as my legs are feeling pretty whipped at the moment and I want to be reasonably fresh for this weekend's 12.5k long run. I've put 20k or just over in my legs for the last two weeks in a row, I did want to build to 25 this week by maybe adding in a third run...hmm, if my legs feel good on Friday maybe I still will :) I'm stuck somewhere in between feeling like I'm punishing my legs and being addicted to putting in the kilometres and seeing the data rack up. I'd love to eventually be running 35 or 40 a week, but that might be a ways off. For the time being it's just exciting to be building up as much as I have :)

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