Monday, March 7, 2011

Hills and Bondi Band goodness

Six kilometres this morning, in very windy, very dark conditions. I always find that in Melbourne as the seasons change it gets very dark all of a sudden, it's never a gradual thing.
I ran my new trail down Green Gully, I'd Google mapped it and it was supposed to be a six point six kilometre return trip, but it turned out to be way less than that. The upshot of that is that I can probably run down the gully and up the other side within plenty of time and without too much distance.
As for the actual hill itself, it turned out to be a totally textbook experience! Short strides, high turnover, feet under body and up we go! I continued to follow my intervals so I wouldn't get too tired and was overall really pleased with how it went. It was a good run overall, considering how tired I was when I went out. Some stiffness through the front of my calves, but I am laying down some new muscle there so I suppose it's to expected, I'll just need to keep stretching and massaging them.
When I got into work I was all excited that my Bondi Band had finally arrived....but only the headband, not my ponyhat, bahh! Still, as you can see above, the headband itself is pretty groovy, so I'm looking forward to testing it out :)

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