Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday

Yesterday I went for the crappest run ever, urgggg. Thank God it only went for five ks! I had numerous gear problems that led to me really struggling through it.
I'd coloured my hair on Friday and it was still leaking dye, so wearing my (white) hat was out. No hat means I need sunscreen, which I sort of hate. No hat + sunscreen equalled stinging sweat that ran into my eyes and burned hideously.
My legs were heavy and tired from a day standing up cooking in the kitchen, so I thought I'd do them a favour and wear my compression socks. WRONG! I was in agony, my calves were stringy feeling and painful. I'm blaming it entirely on the socks, they seems to prevent my muscles working properly and have now been banished to recovery land.
The undies and running skirt that I've run in numerous times before were all of a sudden not happy to stay happily snugged round my butt, preferring to venture up into the canyon that is my buttcrack. Sighhh. This led to uncomfortable running interspersed with undignified moments of rescuing my undies from crack land, the only upside is that Mike says my undies are prolly doing that because I've lost weight.
Rounding out the experience was one overexcited and underbehaving Jack Russell who shall remain nameless (he knows who he is, grr).
All in all I'm exceedingly glad that wasn't a long run. My lower legs remain a bit tired, so rather than aiming for three runs during the week I'm shooting for two six kilometre runs before Sunday's twelve and a half, as I feel I need a little extra rest and I want to stay energised and feeling good.

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