Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2XU madness

Made it out for a run this morning (just shy of 6k), making this the first Thursday I've managed to get out of bed and stick to the planned schedule, yayyy! It was an interesting run, almost as soon as I got out of bed I could feel that my body had very little 'fuel' in the tank as I hadn't eaten much the day before. I had an easy run planned so decided to use the oppportunity to see what it felt like to run empty, and how I'd feel and perform with low glycogen stores.
there were a few points where I had trouble controlling my legs (they seem to fly out a bit when I'm tired, anyways) but I was able to concentrate and bring it together. The first two ks were a struggle but by the four k mark I felt like I was flying, just fantastic.
I'm experimenting with Endura rehydration blend at present to see if it can help with the soreness I've been experiencing after my long runs. It has added magnesium which is supposed to help cramping, and I'm moving up to distances where I'd need to consider electrolyte replacement anyways, so I bought a couple of sachets to try before committing and spending $30 on a big tub. I had one after my run this morning and to be entirely honest it didn't sit very well initially, which is odd as I've never had issues with any of the previous gels/sports/protein drinks I've tried. I could really taste the salts in it though! I plan to give it another try on Sunday after my run. I'm getting more and more excited about the idea of a fun run in the park with Os, chasing butterflies and running some hills!

On another note, I am probably not allowed to go near the 2XU outlet for awhile! After my spree there last week, a friend asked me to pop down and check their prices on compression tights (it's only two blocks from my work) and I found bargains while I was there! A funnel neck lightweight long sleeve top (with thumb holes and a little zipper to loosen the neck if needs be)good for layering. It's the most putrid shade of baby pink, but hey, who cares at 5am? Also, it was $10!
But the next thing made me really (pardon the french) lose my shit! Running skirts!! In my size! For $10!! I bought two :) one black, one navy blue. They also had grey....I may go back and get a grey one after I've tested these two. I'm also contemplating a vest ($70) because then I'll basically have a bunch of layering options, but mostly because the vest had pockets up the wazoo and I'm totally obsessed with pockets, though I am unsure that I'm a vest person. And maybe one more lightweight long sleeve.
Gah, like I said, I think I need to ban myself from 2XU for awhile :)

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