Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catch a tiger by the toe..

I went into work late today so that I could run an errand, which meant I could sneak in a few extra k's, wahoo! Set out just after 6am and put in a leisurely 8ks. It feels so good to be running these longer distances, and I get so excited about it that sometimes when I know I'm heading out to run in the morning I can barely sleep. Distance running is both opening up my world and making it smaller as I expand beyond my regular 4k loop and search out new routes.
I ran down my 'half pipe' and into Keilor this morning. If I'd been wondering where the hills in the West are, I certainly found them! Keilor has hilly roads and smaller hilly streets in abundance so I am sure to get in some great hillwork there. It was great to feel the fatigue in my legs today and really get my blood pumping. I am not much of a one for speedwork, but slowly plodding up hills is a great workout.
I really feel like I have the world on a string just now, like anything is possible. I'm so in love with running, the bug has bitten me worse than ever. I'm so excited about the half marathon I'm planning to run in July, and all the training beforehand and evrything after. I feel so lucky to have found Jeff Galloway and his methods, because I don't think I would have been able to do these distances safely without the techniques, but with them I feel unstoppable. Life is grand.

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