Sunday, July 31, 2011

August Challenge

I don't usually set myself challenges each month, or if I did they were very wishy-washy ones, like, 'run more' or 'run faster' or 'eat less'. Meh.
But this month I hit on the bright idea of setting myself a daily goal for the entire month, and it's a goodie!
Sooo, I'm going to burn 500 calories through exercise a day, every day, for the month of August. 500 calories works out to about eight kilometres on my feet.
To make it workable, I need to burn the bulk of those calories during my morning workout, then maybe an extra kilometre before work, and a brisk walk at lunchtime. If I have not walked far enough by the time I arrive home from work, I'll try to make up the balance on the exercise bike, or carry the unburnt over to the next day.

Unburnt calories can only be carried over one day, ie, if on Tuesday I only burnt 400 cals, I can burn 600 on Wednesday, but cannot make up for them on Thursday. This is to stop me getting confused about totals for the day, or cheating too much.
Walks/runs and calories are to be measured with my runmeter GPS, I know it's not totally accurate, but I also know that 500 calories is more than it normally tells me I've burnt, so it's a start!
The exception to the rule-the days before/after long run days. I tend to burn stupid amounts of calories on a long run, so will instead try to burn 250 calories on those days. I only go on long runs every two to three weeks, so I'm hoping that this won't make a big difference.

Day 1-8.93ks burning 518 cals.
Day 2-8.42ks burning 621 cals.
Day 3-8.76ks burning 550 cals.
Day 4-7.92ks burning 532 cals.
Day 5-7.38ks burning 509 cals.
Day 6-4.84ks burning 278 cals.
Day 7-Day off...unwell :(
Day 8-8.86ks burning 554 cals.
Day 9-7.08ks burning 507 cals.
Day 10-0 cals..sick again! :(
Day 11-9.81ks burning 681 cals...but I am doubting the GPS on this one.
Day 12-5.56ks burning 357 cals.
Day 13-Nada.
Day 14-10.10ks burning 755 cals.
Day 15-9.01ks burning 520 cals.
Day 16-Nada again.
Day 17-7.08ks burning 479 cals.
Day 18-9.86ks burning 556 cals.
Day 19-2.43ks burning 150 cals.
Day 20-3.27ks burning 180 cals.
Day 21-Nada.
Day 22-7.27ks burning 449 cals. So close!
Day 23-7.60ks burning 528 cals.
Day 24-8.37ks burning 484 cals.
Day 25-7.38ks burning 517 cals.
Day 26-5.83ks burning 426 cals.
Day 27-2.40ks burning 126 cals.
Day 28-12.29ks burning 850 cals.
Day 29-6.21ks burning 336 cals.
Day 30-8.32ks burning 617 cals.
Day 31-Nada.

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