Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome to Taper Town...

..population, me.
I actually had a pretty easy taper. On Sunday I put in just under 8ks, comfortable and relaxed.
On Tuesday I went out to do 5 or so, and it was the most fun I'd had for awhile. I was 4 ks in and pumping along happily when I became aware of a tweaky pingy owwwwwww in my right hip. I walked the last kilometre home, trying to stay relaxed and just not freak out totally. It's taper pain, it's phantom pain, I will rest it and it will go away.
So I rested it until this morning, walking and stretching but nothing else, then went out for a very short run this morning (just over 3ks) just to see how it felt, and to test out my new shooooesss, but that's another story.
I knew it was there, sure, but it was fine. Not even really painful, just a 'feeling' of something there.
All up, I'm feeling great. I've lost a couple of kilograms during the last few weeks, and feel lighter and faster. I am consumed with knowing I can do this, and it's such a good feeling. I've never had this kind of faith in my own abilities before. My feelings go further than simple "I know I can do this" towards "I want to kill this. I want to leave everything I have out there. I want to go the hardest I have ever gone". It's hard to believe that after six months of work, the whole thing will be over by 10:30 Sunday morning.

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