Thursday, July 21, 2011


I finally went out to test drive those legs....and they're not great :/
I headed out this morning, tirrredddd...but determined to put in a few kilometres just to see how it would go. I knew I had a few sore areas but to be honest I expected it to all be okay, but it wasn't.
My right calf/ankle started to feel sore after a few hundred metres, and while I was able to continue for about three k's, it became progressively more sore. That was this morning, and it has continued to be sore, to the point of being very uncomfortable, all day.
I think I have strained the muscles around my achilles and in the back of my calf. Descending stairs, rotating on the right foot, and moving my foot from side to side are unpleasant :(
Soooo, more walkies for me. And some anti-inflammatories to minimise the damage I did this morning, maybe some compression socks too. I did some reading and 7-10 days is about the timeline for healing a mild claf strain, so I'll just have to wait and see. Am sort of kicking myself for going running this morning, instead of heading out on Sunday. Maybe it would have been better.

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