Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sri Chinmoy 10k

On Sunday morning I was up bright and early for an event that was organised through work- a nice Sunday race organised through the rather cool Sri Chinmoy Marathon team.
I'd been thinking about attending one of their events for awhile, as they cost far less than big races, are renowned for the friendly atmosphere, not to mention the famous post-race pancake breakfast!
It was a bright, cold morning, and I arrived early feeling pleased to be out and running on such a pretty day. I met up with some pals from work, dropped my bag off, re-pinned my number three times until it was straight enough (this was the first race I've attended where the timing chip was on the bib instead of the shoe) before hopping into the world's longest port-a-potty line.
This was my longest run since the HM, and I had still been easing back into my training. While I certainly raced this run, I didn't race hard. I felt sluggish and slow, and I want to get back to training so I didn't want to be sore. The course was a five k loop completed twice and had some challenging hilly sections.
I came in at 1:14:34, which is a nice time over that distance for me.
Sadly when thinking about pancakes, which rank among my top ten favourite things in the universe, I had forgotten that I don't really feel like eating after a run. I still had one though!
Overall it was a nice lead in to some more serious miles, and it broke the ice towards long runs post-HM. Very pleased :)

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