Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So close I can smell it....or is that my socks?

Out at 4:30 this morning for 4.5 k's of 'speedwork', even though my version of speedwork translates to about an 8 minute kilometre, lols.
It's now just over a week until the HM, and I'm not really nervous...I'm in a good place, my mind is full of 'I can, I will, I know' kind of thoughts. Sometimes when I'm running I wish I could upload to blogger straight from my brain, sizzle out those crazy, exciting, uplifting thoughts to use later, although really I can look over them anytime I like just by going for another run.
I'm planning to back today's run up with another easy 4 k run tomorrow, and then a nice long walk on Saturday before putting in about 8 or so on Sunday. Next week I'll be tapering, and to stop myself going mental I'm going to head out on Mon-Wed-Fri for easy, 3-4 k runs.
I'm so pleased that the last two weeks of training have come together so well, it's really boosting my confidence. I've been strangely certain of my ability all through my training but I really feel that I can acheive my goals in this race.
I can't hardly wait :D

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