Monday, February 21, 2011

Plodding to Glory

A very early start this morning for another slow five k. It took me 52 minutes to cover that distance today, I was weary of mind and heavy of limb, although to be honest I suspect I am still in recovery from Sunday's long run. It certainly didn't help that I wore new heels yesterday...ending up with sore feet and a slight strain through the front of the foot/ankle. I was looking for new Thorlo fatties though, and Running Fit didn't stock them, so I ended up having to hoof to Myer in shoes that were most certainly not made for walking.
I'm not convinced I'll ever get used to the early starts. It's a barrier that's mostly psychological, but my constant yearning for sleep does not help. If I can manage to maintain my schedule for Thursday's run (thinking of taking a rest day tommorrow, Wednesday) then I may switch my long run to Saturday this week so that I can have a lie-in on Sunday and get some extra rest.
I'm planning to spend some time today devising a nice simple 8 kilometre route. The week after is a step down week so I'm going to hit Brimbank park with Os and do a leisurely 4k among the hills, nice.

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