Monday, February 14, 2011

4:30am starts are totally awesome.

Today was my first day of getting up super super early to go for a longer run. I'm running 1:30/walking 3:30 so it's not like the running itself is super strenuous, but it's a little harsh getting up 20 minutes earlier.
Still, at least I wasn't alone! There were a whole bunch of cars around, I even saw another walker. Plus I had my faithful Oscardog :)It's really quite peaceful out there in the mornings, even if I do occasionally feel a little crazy, running around in the dark.
Coming into work my legs felt a little heavy and tired but it was nice to think that even though it was only 7:30 in the morning, I'd already put five k into my legs. Other people are sleeping and I'm out there, putting in some k's. I'm a saint.

Diet wise, I wanted to note for my own records that for week one, I'm eating 20 WW points a day, and while I'm logging my exercise points, for the time being I'm not eating them. Yesterday was day one and I ate 17.5 points and earned 2 bonus points. I felt pretty happy with what I ate, it was all pretty tasty and kept my hungries at easy to manage levels. I made protein pancakes for dinner which was yummy but devastating because I'm almost out of protein powder and I can't really buy any more until I get paid....damn my shoe fetish!

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