Sunday, February 27, 2011

14 days in, 138 to go

Ok, so at this point I am two weeks into training for the Run Melbourne Half Marathon in July, which translates to 6 hours, 13 minutes, 6 seconds of running covering 42.63 kilometres. It's a start!
On Sunday I ran eight ks in the rain, which took me an hour and twelve minutes. I'm quite pleased with that, as I expected it to take about an hour and twenty. Course my legs are a bit heavy and tired today, I went for a walk this morning and they were quite stiff, but there are no really sore spots so that's good.
I bagged myself some new gear last week, a fantastic cool weather long sleeve tech shirt and a new shell jacket (I had one but it just didn't fit me at all). I'm pretty pleased with myself for getting in early and being organised for the cooler weather well before the first day of Autumn, yayy! I also ordered myself a cute hat and headband from Bondi Band, I'm kinda bursting for them to be delivered but as I only ordered them yesterday it may take awhile. I'm contemplating purchasing a lighter long sleeve tech as well, and possibly a vest, although I've never been a vest person so I'm unsure how I feel about them. Might have to do some gear reviews soon with all this cool new stuff.
The ticker on start to finish says that there are still 138 days until raceday.Urggggggggg such a long wait!
I'm kinda in a bad mood this week, partly as I have PMT of apocalyptic dimensions but also because my program says this week is an easy week. After last week's eight I'm pumped for a ten, but nope, it's a step back week and only asks for a four. There are lots and lots of step back weeks in this plan, which logically I know are a great idea and they let my legs strengthen and adapt and yadda yadda yadda.....I wanna go for a run!!
So I decided that during the week I'll have my Tuesday easy, make Thursday a gentle speed workout (I'm running intervals so I'll just make every second interval a fast one) and then for my Sunday four k I can head to the park with Oscardog and maybe do some hill repeats (very very gentle hill repeats, really more like strides with a hill in the middle). That way, even though it's a less challenging week I've still inserted some challenging bits, but not so challenging as to defeat the purpose of the easy week.
So, onwards and upwards!

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