Sunday, May 15, 2011

The longest week

So last week blogger had some pretty serious issues, ending up in 'read only' mode, but it's come back to life now so I can finally put down some, ah, week old thoughts.
After my last long run, I felt a lot more sore than usual but headed out to Tuesday's Run Melbourne training session expecting to do a nice, easy run.
But then I just didn't :/ My everything hurt. I was gasping, shaking, and had crippling pain locking up the front of my ankles and shins. Not the plan. The next day I was even worse, nauseous, lightheaded, nasty headache, and shaking uncontrollably.
I took the rest of the week off, and didn't head out for another run until Saturday, when I did a very easy, experimental 3.something k's.
The whole thing had me scratching my head. If I recovered well from 19 kilometres, why couldn't I recover from 21.1? What had I done differently? My hydration was spot on. True, I'd used a different brand of gel, but could that make such a difference? Was it just the sheer distance?
What didn't I do? I didn't have an ice bath. I didn't roll my legs out. I didn't rub my legs down with deep heat the way I normally would.
The only other thing I can think of is that I went too fast. I treated it as a dry run for raceday, not as just another long run. I pushed really hard in the last few kilometres, and I can only assume I'm paying the price.
So, the plan for this week is for short runs 5-6k Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and then a repeat of the same distance on Sunday. Ordinarily I'd go up by two kilometres, but I'd rather do a repeat of the distance and feel ok. I'm crossing my fingers for fresher legs, and that it'll take a heck of a lot longer than three hours.

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