Sunday, August 29, 2010

Turbo Turtle

I ran my second 5k event on the weekend. It was the 'Defence Lake Attack' (terrrrrrible name!) and a bunch of the people I work with were entered (some of whom are 'real' runners, running in a day what I run in a month).
I hadn't really altered my training at all for it, I just kept plodding along the way I have been, working away at my goals, and planned to use the run just to gauge where I'm at.
The course was a great one for me (it was flat, hallelujah!)and it was a very nice day, cool but pleasant. I ran with various people at dofferent points, pacing off them, and while i had a bit of a hard time (calves still tighten up over longer distances) it was overall a pleasant, relaxed run. I pushed as hard as I could during the last kilometre, to stand dry-reaching on the other side of the finish line, barely mindful of the clock!
I thought I'd run about a 37:30, and was pleased to have shaved minutes from my previous 38:39 time.
But when I got to work this morning and found out i'd run a 35:01 i was so delighted i didn't stop smiling for half an hour!!
I'm still turtling along happily but damn, i am getting to be one fast turtle.

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