Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super duper smoothie

I've always really dug natural medicine. I'm not really sure why...partly as a preventative health measure, partly because i find vegies super gross, partly just because it's quite interesting and I find it fascinating!
Most of my experiments over the years have involved vitamins, minerals, herbs or protein powders, of varying brands and such. I think my all time favourite is probably herbalife, though it is insanely overpriced! It pretty much priced itself wayyyy out of the realm of what I'm prepared to pay.
My latest fascination is 'superfoods', and general health tonics. To be more specific, I'm testing olive leaf extract, and Barley Grass powder.
Barley grass is relatively inexpensive, which is a plus. As a superfood, it's supposed to have insane amounts of chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins....all kinds of amazing stuff your body needs. I find it particulary interesting because i don't really like green vegies, so it can provide some of those nutrients for me. Claims for barley grass's effects range from providing extra nutrition, helping to clear skin, all the way through to curing cancer.
I've been blending it into my smoothies (i loove love love breakfast smoothies, typically with milk, a banana, and some berries) and it doesn't taste overly offensive. It does turn the whole drink bright green though, which is a little scary.
This morning's concotion was milk, raspberries, a little protein powder, some fibre powder, and a big teaspoon of barley grass (chased with a shot of olive leaf extract).
The berries and protein powder combined with the barley grass to create a shade of green so deeply bile colored that it looked like poison! It looked EXACTLY like the health shake the Marge makes on the Simpsons during that episode where she becomes a body builder. In my head I thought, "And some oestrogen blockers for that minty taste!", buah hahaha!
Surprisingly, it tasted pretty ok. I do burp grass after one of my super smoothies, but only a little.
I am not really sure that taking these things really makes me feel much different....maybe it's some kind of peace of mind that they help to fill a nutritional gap, or just curiosity, I'm not really sure. I do get really good results from some things, though. I take valerian to help me sleep, use flower remedies for stress, and sometimes guarana for energy, and I think that those things genuinely work, and work well.
I wonder if people think maybe it's a bit cracked to believe in natural medicines? I sometimes wonder if it's nothing more than some kind of placebo effect, and I'm one of the people using the darn things.

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