Monday, September 6, 2010

Today, we run.

Today was the day I had planned to run the 20 minute interval.
It was looming large and scary in my mind, but I felt incredibly determined. Before I went to bed last night I gave my dog his little pat and cuddle and promised him that we had a date in the morning..."You and me, 20 minutes, I'll see you at 5."
I was awake on and off from about half three onwards, because I wasn't really sleeping, I was waiting for it to be time to run. I finally gave up on sleep at a quarter of five.
I felt so geared up, so totally alive. I strapped on my armband and laced my runners like it was raceday, but there was nobody else, just me and Oscardog and the road. Five in the morning but I felt electric. I felt like I could light fires with my eyes, I was so into it.
And I smashed it. Slow and steady, I did 2.77 k in that 20 minutes, hardly anything really, but for me it was epic. I was Rocky. I was on the podium at the Olympics.
I was finally where I wanted to be.

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