Wednesday, April 13, 2011


After a patchy week (rain! funeral! the amount of red wine I drank to get through the funeral! more rain!) I headed out into a comfortably warm morning for a nice run.
4:20am was not kind, and initially I felt even more out of it than I normally do at that hour. I always wake up a bit as time goes on, so just tried to shake it off and get out the door. I was wore capri tights, a tech tee and one of my new bondi bands (I have five now!)
My legs have been a bit sore ever since my long run on Sunday, particularly my old slightly dicky left knee, so I went out carefully. I needn't have worried, after a kilometre I'd warmed up and was feeling fine, and after that I felt so good that I actually started to go FAST! I never, ever go fast. I've been doing all this long, slow distance work and never quite believed that LSD makes you fast, but at one stage I was flying up an incline at 5:30 pace and I was totally blown away! I don't think I've ever gone that fast.
I played with faster intervals, and each time I'd think, "I can't hold this pace for a whole minute, erk"....but then I would. And I'd rest a little, and then I'd do another fast interval. I was breathing hard, and had sweat pouring off me, but I was doing it!
Ended up covering just shy of 7Ks in 54 minutes. Not exactly Olympic time trial-breakneck stuff, but fast for me, and exciting. I think I'm going to include some speedwork like this each week or second week, and of course I'm still trying hard to get myself putting in the hillwork (but that's Sunday's problem :D)

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